Webinar: The Wisdom of the Ancients – learning from ancient forests & trees

Webinar: The Wisdom of the Ancients - learning from ancient forests & trees
With Jill Butler and Kamil Witkos-Gnach

A free webinar from the Arboricultural Association featuring two internationally-recognised speakers exploring what people working in arboriculture today can learn from studying ancient trees and forests.

Kamil Witkos-Gnach delivers a presentation about the lessons arborists can learn from the Białowieża Forest, often called the last remnants of primeval forest in Europe.

Then Jill Butler speaks about ancient British Forests, examining some of the misconceptions about the historic British landscape and investigating the importance of wood pastures and open-grown trees.

Below are links to some of the books recommended by Jill and Kamil during the session:


Rose, F. and Harding, P T (1986) Pasture-woodlands in lowland Britain: a review of their importance for wildlife conservation. ITE, NERC:

Vera, FWM, (2000) Grazing ecology and Forest History, CABI Publishing:

Link to the abstract of Niinemets, U. and Valladares, F (2006) Tolerance to shade, drought, and waterlogging of temperate northern hemisphere trees and shrubs. Ecological Monographs, 76 (4) pp 521-547


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